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although it was a while ago that i posted about my car chasing problem I am just now starting to really work with it. I have read all of




and there are lots of talk about haltis, prongs, etc. Well my dog as a medical problem where one of this lymphnodes on his neck is swollen and a little tender. so i do not want to put any pressure on it. Even his halti puts pressure on it, so it leaves me with only being able to work with his problem on a harness.

Is this going to be harder? Is there anything I should know before using a harness to train vs a choke collar, etc

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Versus a head halter you'll have less control over his head, versus a collar you won't see a big difference other than your connection point being much lower. I would recommend a front lead harness like the Easy Walk or Sensation harness that gives you additional control over a traditional style harness - they act by turning forward movement into a turn toward you. The traditional harnesses just make pulling more comfortable.


Do be aware that if you're working slowly using a desensitization/counter conditioning program (vs. leash corrections) you should be working below threshold and thus there should be little need for extra control unless your dog doesn't know how to walk on leash in general.

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A standard harness gives you absolutely no control at all, and is not suitable for training. If you can't use a collar or head halter, you can use one of the "no-pull" type harnesses. The leash connects at the dog's chest and you can turn the dog away from something as you would with a head halter. Either the Premier Easy Walk or the Sensible Sensation harness would do. Neither crosses the neck. Good luck.


Kathy Robbins

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