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Quynn's First Trial

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Delayed post, but I couldn't avoid a brag....wanted to post results from Quynn's first trial this end of July. It was three days, he earned three legs, and I couldn't be more proud of him!! Here are the results:



Snooker - Q, 1st place(First run ever, got some mild zoomies but managed to pull it together and fly through the closing to take 1st!)

Jumpers - Q, 5th place

Jackpot - NQ. It was an absolutely gorgeous run, and we were perfectly set up for the gamble when the whistle blew, but due to his novice state and the pumping adrenaline he just wouldn't move out the minimal 5 feet to that final jump in the gamble, lol. It was very pretty otherwise!

Standard Rnd 1 - NQ(he beat me to the a-frame by several yards and turned around and came back down - just a young-dog mistake)

Standard Rnd 2 - Q, 1st place. Gorgeous run! His contacts(2o/2o), I must allow, are very nice. He could be a little lower and forward, but I like that he checks in with me.



Wildcard - Q, 3rd place

Fullhouse - Q, 3rd place

Standard - Q, 1st place

Colors - Q, 1st place




Standard - Q, 1st place. AMAZING run! I wish I'd gotten this one on video, but there was no one to do it for me. Standard Course Time was 40 seconds, Quynn did it in 18.23 seconds. Contacts were gorgeous, fluid rear crosses - he was such a good boy.

Snooker - Q, 3rd place.

Jumpers - Q, 3rd place.


Here are some videos of just a few runs:







We need only one more Jackpot Q in order to earn his CL-1 title. I think we're going to the Nationals next summer..... :rolleyes:

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