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Our names are CK and Xena. We are two young border collies with a very inexperienced handler, but we have a lot of fun playing agility, flyball and frisbee.


Xena particularly loves frisbee and hardly ever drops the disc, and is just learning her first freestyle routine. Agility is her other great passion and she has just achieved her starters AAD title.


Mr CK is a big softie who just loves to run. He's still learning how exciting agility can be, but is an awesome flyball dog with a best time of 4.4 secs and he still can't turn all that well. Frisbee is his other great love, but his Dad doesn't think he's got enough drive to be really good at freestyle, but toss and fetch is great.


Look forward to playing with all you other BC mad people.




Tony, Xena and CK.




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Hi and good to see another Aussie.



Welcome - and another Aussie - if you're the Reddii I think you are - nice to see you here. :rolleyes:


I think it is the same Reddii unless there are two with BCs named Xena and CK.

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Welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you. :rolleyes:

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