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Samantha J

Busy Weekend - first Trial visit at Dovedale

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Holly & Zac have had quite a busy weekend. On Saturday they both went to the Wag and Bone Show at Windsor. Then on Sunday they went to the English Nationals at Dovedale, Derbyshire.


They were both a first for us all, both very different days but both very enjoyable.


First off was the Wag and Bone Show at Windsor, it took us a while to get there but was so worth it. Lots of things to look at, lots of doggie events to watch. What made it even better is that the day was based around animal charities. So money was raised for them and the charities had stalls there too. There were events held there like flyball between the different dogs homes etc, which was lovely to watch. Demonstrations with scent dogs, service dogs etc. There was a doggie activity section where you paid £1 to let your dog have a go at different things like toy bobbing in water. You could have a go at agility with your dog and all sorts.


The highlight for me though was that Mary Ray and Richard Curtis were there. They both did a training demo each and also they did Barnum, the dance that they had performed before at Crufts this year together. I am a big fan of them both and it was good to see how they both train as they both train differently.


They behaved very well and loved it there, there were so many dogs for them to meet! :D


Then on Sunday we went to Derbyshire with them to have a look at a real trial. To be honest i didn't know what to expect and we were not really prepared for it well. We wished we had taken some chairs, binoculars, my good camera lens. Also now i wish that i had got a copy of the programme before we went as i was not familiar with the competitors that were on whilst we were there. Well i was familiar with one - Thomas Longton who did a trial with two of his dogs, which was fantastic to watch. I don't think he was competing though for anything. (Eta - found out now that he was competing in the Brace competition )

It was lovely to see trials in the real life though, it gave me a better idea of it all than watching dvd's etc. So it was very cool to be able to go.

We could only stay there for about 4 hours though but still it was a good insight for me into the trialing world.


I didn't think that the trial field would be right close to the stalls and so close to us as spectators. I thought that it would be set up away from the stalls and we maybe wouldn't take Holly & Zac over to the trial bit, just go one at a time as i wasn't sure how well they would behave. In fact they behaved very well and we were right by the fence sometimes with them watching the trials.


I took a lot of pic's at the trial but as i am only familiar with Thomas i don't know whether to post any here or not yet.

I should have noted down who i took but like i put before we were not really prepared well. I do wish i had taken my good lens though. I shall put some on the blog later in the week when i have had a chance to go through them if anyone wants to see any or i may post a few in the gallery on here. I will see how good they turn out once i have chopped them down a bit.


I am so proud of my two, they don't always behave well but this weekend they were very good. I love how owning them has made me get out and do more too, i wouldn't have gone to either of these places if i hadn't got these two. I could have done with them being on seperate weekends thought really. It is always the way, anything comes up it is always the same time as something else.


Sorry if this is the wrong place to put this. I just really wanted to share that we have finally seen a trial. Also the wag & bone was really great so if anyone hasn't been before it is so worth going next year and proceeds go to animal charities so it is a great fundraising day too. :D


eta - to try and adjust my spelling and my use of the word expected so many times and add a bit of text i forgot to add before! :rolleyes:

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Thanks Kristin, it really was an exciting weekend and i can't plug the Wag & Bone Show enough in case any Uk people read this post anytime and have never been. It helps so many animal charities and is such great fun there too.

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