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Tiny Brag!!

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Dean Dog got his very first Agility Q last night in NADAC Tunnelers!! :rolleyes: That is one FUN game!!


We had a second run, which I was even prouder of, although we went 6 seconds over time. After our first run (thankfully after!) a fireworks display began nearby. Dean had no focus and was very nervous, but he was willing to try the course. We worked our way through it. He didn't miss a single tunnel. He was hesitant at a few places around the course, but he was totally with me. He's such a good boy! :D

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Congratulations! The first Qs are always special. Plus him being able to work after fireworks go off - that is pretty impressive! Way to go Dean!


Dazzle's first Q was also a Tunnelers - it is definitely her hands down (paws down?) favorite agility game :rolleyes:.

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That's great, Kristine!


We don't have NADAC here, or Tunnelers - but airbear kindly sent me a course last year, and we think we've just about got enough tunnels in the State to put a fun Tunnelers course on as a demo, or an after trial entertainment. It looks like sooooo much fun.

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You Go Dean-Dog!!! That sounds like it was a ton of fun :D


Who sets off fireworks in August anyway? The nerve of those people!! :rolleyes:


Fortunately, Dean is a professional and weathered it anyway :D



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