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LOL First Aid for me not Sam.

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I was petting and Sam decided to get all excited. Result small slash right at the eyebrow. No pain. I heard the smack of his head against mine. Then I saw blood on his face. I started checking him thinking my wedding band had mangaged to cut him. NOPE I was the injuried one.


My question if you can stop laughing picturing him doing full body circles inside my arms, is how best to seal it. It isn't big,just a small gash but hasn't clotted yet. I'd like to keep my eyebrows.

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That will be hard depending on just where it is. If you can pinch it together until it stops bleeding and then use a butterfly bandaid like Julie suggested. The thing is, if you use a lot of expression and the gash is where your face "moves" you will need to be careful of that.


Other wise 10 shots of good Irish Whiskey should do the trick. No, it won't heal it, but you won't care! :rolleyes:

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Thanks. I went and tried that but since it is along the eyebrow line the tape parts would have removed the whole back half of my eyebrows.


I did finally stop bleeding with me holding a cold wet cloth to it. Neosporin is now on it and I found a tiny bandage that fits perfect if I don't worry about trying to close the area. I'm not worried about a scar the eyebrows should hide that anyway.


I'm still in shock that I had a bandage like that. Mostly around here is kids character bandaids.


Now back to teaching Sam not to do whirly wigs somersaults while you are holding/rubbing him. Just cause he feels frisky is no excuse. I don't care how good the belly rub felt!

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It is only the length of a fingernail. Yes, right on the expression lines. Only thing that bothered me is I normally clot fast and this one was being stubborn.


Had it been anywhere else I'd just slap a bandaid on or ignore it. Cat has gotten me worse just not on the face.


No whiskey here but I do happen to have some beer.


I can't even figure out if if was one of his teeth that did it or just the force of the hit. Oh well, I'll be ready for the next time ( just gotta get me some whiskey :rolleyes: ).

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It may just the fact that it was your head that it bled a lot, which you probably know from your kids' injuries. Head injuries always bleed profusely. If it starts to bleed again, apply constant pressue for 15 mins, no peeking!! If it doesn't stop after that, seriously no peeking, you might need a stitch.


Might just be the hit, not only do heads bleed a lot, they open up rather easily compared to other areas.


Best of luck. Can't recommend the beer til the kids are asleep!!

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