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How would I find a place/trainer to train Cody on sheep in Charlotte, NC area?


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My DH has already threatened divorce if I get started with herding with Cody as he knows I will be addicted! :rolleyes:


Can anyone suggest how I can find out who I could work with to train Cody and me on herding in our area? I don't know anyone with sheep in our area or that trains. Is there an online database?


My goal is not for Cody to do this as his "work" as we don't own a farm and don't plan to in the foreseeable future (we gotta pay the bills for one in college and three more to go)... but I would love to get involved in this as a "sport" for Cody and me. I think after two years of obedience and behavior training, he's ready for this.


Thanks for any information.

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