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Finally doing the fetch thing!!

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Before I forget though, I've had Boy 14 months and Fynne 11 months and neither have blown their coats or had an increase in shedding. Neither get baths and neither are brushed (they get finger massages) and yes, both are squeaky clean. Am I blessed with coats that don't blow or what?



I've been on the couch here almost 4 weeks now (fun, fun, fun!) and the dogs miss playing with me. Both are catching on to the whole fetch thing, even Boy the anti-fetcher dog!


It started with Fynne and Boy just started giving it a try a few days ago. Yesterday he fetched a toy about half a dozen times!!


Prior to being attached to the couch I had tried to teach Boy to fetch. I did micro-steps and never got past him putting an object in his mouth for a half second so this is a huge development!


Just wanted to share!

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Congrats! That is a milestone. He probably decided that if he was going to get any playtime with you at all, he'd better take what he could get.


Allie doesn't shed, but my previous dog did - A LOT! She gets bathed at least once a month, but that's because she gets slimed by other dogs (dog spit's stinky )


Hope you are able to be up and about soon.

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Thats great! It seems like ball drive came to our oldest the quickest. She had the most undivided attention from the family and we played a lot of ball when she was a young pup. I think that it is trained and Boy will pick up on the obsession the more he plays.

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Yay! Those dogs seem to pick up quicker when they are a little bored!


Yes, you are very blessed! :rolleyes: Missy is also pretty low maintanance for a rough coated dog, but she blows her coat about once a year. Other than that she doesn't really shed. Last night I brushed her for the first time in about 3 weeks and hardly got any hair.

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