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Chemo Round Two for Buzz:

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Buzz goes to the vet to get his second round. He's been doing well, building up strength. His chest muscles in particular have gotten noticeably stronger. If you didn't know he had cancer, you wouldn't be able to tell a thing is wrong. Except for the missing leg, of course.


I'm dropping him off at 9, and then have to go to work, leaving DH to pick him up and watch him. I'm a bit worried, that I won't be here when he gets home, and might be working a bit later than I usually do. Bleh.


Anyway, if he does as well as he did the first time, it will be smooth sailing. Wish our boy luck!


Ruth n the BC3

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Best of luck with Buzz, Ruth. At least he's been through it before and will know what to expect. I'm sure you'll give him extra big hugs when you get home after he's had some lovin' from your DH.


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We hope it all works out OK.


BTW, stupid question, but I have to ask. I know that people on chemo have their hair fall out, including eyebrows. What about dogs? Do they lose their fur? If not, why do people and not dogs.

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Glad to hear he is doing so well. Good luck with the second round going as well as the first.

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