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Skye's embarrasing moment...

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Skye is always on the look out for squirrels when we do our morning walkabout at the neighbourhood arboretum. This morning she spotted what appeared to be a perky one from afar and took off to intercept it. It wasn't until the last moment that I realized it wasn't a squirrel at all.....

"It's a dog!" I yelled from what was now quite a distance.

Almost instantaneously she made a sharp left-hand turn and a bee-line for a nearby stream, as if that was her intention all along.

As I met up with the chihuahua's owner, she said, "What was that, a false alarm?"

I said, trying to keep a straight face, "She thought your dog was a squirrel..."

We both laughed (thank g :D d) and the chihuahua was unphased. Go figure.





* No chihuahuas were harmed during this outing :rolleyes:

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LOL - That's too funny :D My dog often gets confused and gets in the zone thinking some rock or bag is a bunny until he gets closer, then he acts like nothing happened. Never did it with a dog, but I can see why Skye would get confused with a chihuahuas :rolleyes::D :D

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Good to know others' dogs have had similar embarrassments, Anda! :D

What was almost as funny was this little dog's composure. You know how chihuahuas are: high-stepping, head held high and ready for anything! I think, though, if Skye had gotten any closer, it would have been hard for it not to head for the hills! :rolleyes:


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My dog does that with inanimate objects: cement dog statues, lawn jockeys, etc. He'll approach with a deep, warning growl, fur standing up, crouched and ready to attack this dangerous creature! Then, when he realizes it's an inanimate object, he acts all cool, like he went over there to pee or something. :rolleyes:



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