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Hi guys

I was gonna wait a few days until she settled in but I just couldnt. Today we went and got a new baby girl, which brings us up to two border collies and an old mix.

I have been looking for a new pup for a few months now but the right one never came along, until I saw this girl. After the discription of her personality I knew she was what I was looking for, and then when I saw the pics and she had a split face/smooth coat it seeled the deal, lol.

She has already been for a walk on the leash and did great and is now sleeping in her crate for the night.


My boy Lootah is very laid back and doesnt play much, but this new girl is more spunky and confident so I think the two will get on really well, I can already tell Lootah has a new smile on his face he didnt have this morning.


We have been thinking about the name Sakari (meaning sweet in native American) what do you guys think?


here is pic of her, I'm waiting for more to upload . . .


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Congrats! She sounds like a great little pup. When it's meant to be, it's meant to be :rolleyes: She has sweet eyes and I love her ears.

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thanks guys


I am really exited about this girl, she was just exactly what I was looking for and I found her just as I was about to give up finding one, lol.

I'm more of a lerker on this site, lol, but I read it every day. I'm new to the breed and its great to have somewhere to come with such experienced people. I was so exited though I just had to share her





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