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Hey All,


I am considering switching my 15 week old girl over from Eagle Pack Holistic to Orijen (probably the Adult sort as I can get a 7kg bag for $70 but its coming from interstate and its not the easiest to get hold of). What are people's thoughts on it as a food. I am not prepared to go fully raw with her, my older girl (coming up for 8 years) does get predominantly raw as I am worried about leaving something out of a puppy diet. One thing I am curious on is how the size of the kibble compares to that of the Eagle Pack and also what sort of shelf life an open bag will have. It will take me a fair while to go through 7kg with the 2 of them - although not sure its worth just getting a 2.5kg bag considering its coming from interstate. Any advice?

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I have just switched Daisy over to Orijen (fish formula) from ACANA and she loves it. Her previously beautiful coat is even better and she had a little bit of flaky skin which has gone away after about 1 month or so on the Orijen. I am waiting to see how her nails go. So far we've only purchase the smallest bags because I didn't want a big bag and have to switch back, so we haven't had any problems with shelf life, but we did get a air tight container large enough to hold a 7kg bag for the ACANA and it would stay fresh until it was gone. Personally I think it's great food and picky Daisy likes it and for me it's a bonus that it is manufactured in my province. (Even the dog is making smaller foot print now! :rolleyes: )


If you have any questions just shoot them an email, they actually get back to people in a timely manner!



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Do they sell EVO by Natura where you live? I had actually never heard of Origen before, but when I checked out the website, it's very similar to EVO and I know that it's more available all over, and you probably wouldn't have to ship it. Anyways, you can check out the website: http://www.naturapet.com/brands/evo.asp and use the "Where to buy" option at the top of the page to see if they have it near you. It just might be easier than shipping Origen, since the food is really similar.


Also, in the EVO kibble, you can get "large bites" or "small bites" if you're worried about size for your pup.


Others can probably tell you more about the differences in the actual food, I'm just learning about nutrition and everything.

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The Orijen stays fresh in an open bag for around 3 months, and I can get it to stay fresh for around 6 months in an air tight container.


The kibble sizes are medium sized. Not to big, but no to small, right for every sized dog.


They include sea greens, which are fantastic for the digestive tract and skin/coat health. The fish is caught from a lake, and they use grain fed chickens. The fruits and veggies are taken from local farms. They cook their foods at low temperatures to help maintain the nutrition.


I also find that a mixed raw and Orijen diet (which is REALLY high in protein) helps keep weight on Joy better then other dog foods.

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We keep our Orijen in a food-quality plastic bucket and have had no signs of loss of quality even though it's been open for ages. I dunno what I should be looking for as signs of loss of freshness.


Been feeding with a mix of Orijen and Acana Lamb and Rice for a while now and she is doing great on it when she eats. But she has eating issues on any food so it isn't what she's on.


I think you will be pleased with it.

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