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I was interested in this forum because I grew up with a BC named Kayla. We got her when I was in high school, and now she's 7 years old. She still acts like a puppy.. I am loving reading about other weims because, honestly, she is quite the handful. She barks incessantly and is very energetic, even when we throw around the frisbee for an hour!


I was inspired to write because Kayla tends to paw at her food dish - I don't know why. Anyway, I ended up buying collapsible bakeware that I do actually use around the kitchen because I love it. But yeah, I got an extra Foldtuk and put the food in it, and she does a much better job since it's sturdier than the dishes I was getting from Petsmart. Since it collapses, we actually have been taking it on the road with us as a water bowl. You can google it or whatever if you're interested... maybe that's helpful!!

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Welcome to the boards. Kayla sounds like a fun BC. Most of these boogers never slow down much :rolleyes: We do love pictures.

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