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very distructive

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my 3-4 yr old border collie has suddenly became VERY distructive. He ate a tv remote and a cell phone! I have started crating him but he tore up the plastic crate tray and his pillow that was in there. Is this normal for a border collie? what should i do?

He gets a 2 hr walk every day, and i play ball with him probably 1 hr or more a day. I also take him to agility class.

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With any sudden behavior change I immediately head to the vet for an exam and workup, then I start looking for behavioral reasons after that's all clear.


Has there been any construction in your area? A lot of dogs suddenly start having issues when there's lots of noise outside the house.

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I agree that a change in behaviour like that would warrant a trip to the vet, just to make sure. Then I would start eliminating things that have changed in your life/neighbourhood, new living situation, like someone moving in or out, different work schedule, new neighbour with a dog who barks all day, construction (like mentioned above) stuff like that. If all else fails, maybe he needs some thinking toys....

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