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Gordon Watt, the current World Sheepdog Trial Champion, will be

conducting two three-day clinics in the United States this October.


At Heatherhope Farm near Sycamore, Illinois, he will be conducting a

clinic Friday through Sunday October 17-19, 2008. John Seraphine at

heatherhope@... is the host of this trial. Heatherhope Farm is at

22417 Airport Road, Sycamore, Illinois, 60178. His home phone is 815-

895-9736 and his mobile is 630-677-5553.


Mr. Watt will then offer a clinic at Pam Wolf's Eldemar Farms in

Atchinson, Kansas. This clinic is slated for October 24-26. Pam's e-

mail is eldemar@.... and her home phone is 913-773-



Each clinic will accept a maximum of 10 dogs and each dog will get

two working sessions per day. The fee for three days is $225. An $80

per dog fee will be charged for single day entries, but those will be

accepted only after September 1.


Full entry fee must accompany your registration. That fee will be

refunded if you withdraw and your dog's slot is then filled and paid

for by someone else.


Private lessons will be scheduled as time permits at the rate of $60

per half-hour lesson.


Gordon Watt has competed and placed highly for many years

representing both Ireland and England in International competitions.

Below is a partial listing of his competitive accomplishments:


2007 Supreme International 4th York

2006 England National 3rd York

2005 English National Champion York

2005 World Champion York

2004 Reserve National Champion, Brace York and Buff

2003 Reserve International Champion, Brace York and Buff

2003 England Brace Champion York and Buff

2002 Irish Brace Champion York and Buff

2002 Irish National 8th Buff

2000 Irish National 8th York

1999 Irish National Champion King

1998 Irish National Driving Champion King

1998 Irish National 2nd King

1997 Irish National 8th Buff

1997 Irish National 4th King

1989 Irish National 2nd Chip

1988 Irish National 6th Chip

1982 Irish National 3rd Rose

1982 Irish National Driving Champion Rose

1979 Irish National 2nd Chum


5-time competitor on BBC's One Man and His Dog


Gordon will be competing in this year's World Trial with York.

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