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Well, now that Buzz has gotten through his amputation, the next step is to look into chemotherapy. I've heard of a company that extends a 90 or 180 day same as cash loan for veterinary expenses - does anyone else have any information about where to find out more?


We'll ask at the Animal Hospital, but I don't think they extend that. We can of course get excellent letters of reference from our regular vet, but I'd like to have some options to explore.


He's doing great, I played a little tiny bit of fetch with him this morning, and he was SO HAPPY!!!


Any info or suggestions would be welcome.


Ruth n the BC3

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Our vet office has a program that is called care credit that is a medical expense account......for pets who are injured, having surgery etc. perhaps that is what you are thinking about? Look up carecredit.com and then check out the vet expense plan. Many of the clients use this program and approval is pretty fast. Good luck



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I have CareCredit myself because of some dental work that my son had to have that wasn't covered by his insurance. I've used it more for the animals than anything else and so far have been very happy w/ it. I think it works if you have a major expense (like several hundred dollars) then you can get it on a same as cash plan over a period of time (not sure but you may have to get approval for the payment plan ahead of time), but I just use it as a credit card because I don't ever put that much on it at one time. Not sure what exactly the interest rates are in cases like mine (I don't ever look at the calculations) but it isn't very much. I do know if you don't have a balance then no interest is charged for the first month.


It's also good for other things that some insurances won't pay for like cosmetic type medical expenses, dental, vet, optical, etc. The only problem I've had as far as medical doctors go is, you have to check ahead of time to make sure they take CareCredit. There are a few in my area that don't and a couple of them have never heard of it. It has definitely been beneficial for me because I have been in situations where I just didn't have the money to pay for the vet bills when it was something that just couldn't be postponed.


Anyway, if CareCredit is what you are thinking of, I hope all of this info has been somewhat of a help!! :rolleyes:

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