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Hi all

Been a while since my last post. Just letting everyone i BC rescue know Mya is doing well and is enjoying the so called "summer" we are having. She is just finishing beginner agility now and loves it. It's hard to slow her down on the course though, she just wants to do everything all at once :rolleyes: Another BC rescue dog "Chase" is also in the course and doing great, Chase was fostered with Chris as well (what a small world).

Her kiddy pool has been a life saver, if we didn't have it and the sprinkler we would never get any work done around the property.

Days around the yeard consist of frisbee, ball, pool, frisbee, herd cats, pool, frisbee, ball, help dig in garden, pool (not necessarily in that order).

She continues coming to work with me each day and torments the staff with her tug (you must be too tired to pick it up...here I'll put it on your desk to make it easier for you).

Hope all is well with everyone, I have attached a pic of Mya.

Well that's it for now.


Mya & Craig signing off for now...


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