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AFLAC Outdoor Games?

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I'm wrestling with a predicament: should I enter my girls at the AFLAC Outdoor Games next weekend (in agility)?


Pros: It's free, it'll look good for me as a trainer (I'd be on tv :rolleyes:), it's a great venue for extra exposure to trial stuff w/o the Qs and entry fees hanging in the balance, etc. I do have the ok from my boss to take the day off work if I go Friday as well.


Cons: It's almost 300 miles one way (so $80 in gas round trip) and I could only go for one day given my work schedule.


So any thoughts? For those of you who have worked at events similar to this, what's it like? Things to think about that I'm missing?



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Yeah, I got that email too. I thought about it but having just been in Perry, GA for the USDAA Regionals and having to brave 100 degree weather even though the event was in air conditioning I don't think there is any way I'd survive an outdoor trial in temps even close to those.


I think I'm going to pass and hit an event that, even though I'll pay entry fees, will be indoors and I have a chance of a Q at.



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