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USFDR - Another Registry???

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Take the link to his personal web site. I think this might be the same guy that posted a year or so ago about building up pedigrees on american dogs, and to please send in info to him for his american dog data base. Regardless.... if you look into his personal website you will notice he has at least one dog (Rocky-sire of two litters) who is out of an AKC bitch. He probably would rather build his own registry than go through the ROM program with ABCA. Plus as Tranquilis said, he can make money. :rolleyes:

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Oh his personal site answers an awful lot of questions. Rocky's sire is none other than Swa**ord's Zac. It's quite coincidental that all of these peripheral registries have the same very small group of names attached to them. And it's too bad, because people that don't know better get sucked right in to it. But I guess that's what they're banking on.



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