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Before we got our dogs we decided to get a gate/fence installed in the back to separate the dogs area from our ‘Garden/Want to keep nice’ area…


The dogs have access to this area all day (dog door)and when we are at work they have this + laundry room(dog door access). We have kiddie pools, sand pit and lots of toys there to keep them occupied. The dogs are mainly there only when we are at work, in the weekend we keep them very busy with us


Now the dog area has become a real disaster. We knew this would happen that is why we got the gate installed. There is no more grass (because they run and play a lot when we are away) and when it rains it’s a mud fest which gets carried inside the house. It's a sore sight for the eyes


We were just looking for tips/idea on what to do bout fixing this so we stop the mud fest. We can’t grass it up, it will get destroyed again, what type of surface would be appropriate (and not too hard to clean up)?



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I like pea gravel/river run and sand (hard packed). Both drain well, inhibit bacterial growth, don't get dusty when it's dry (unless you use very fine sand), and seem pretty safe dog foot pad wise. I would think moderately packed sand would be fairly easy on a dog's joints, pea gravel could be bad if they do a lot of jumping or fast turns since it slips a bit.

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As Raisingriver stated, it depends on your budget (as well as what your aesthetic preferences are). Some of the modern synthetic turfs are very nice, but extremely costly. You can also look at outdoor rubber flooring (just do an internet search for "rubber playground surface").


Pea gravel is great, but has the possibility of being tossed/tracked all over the place. Decomposed granite (often used for pathways in parks etc.) is also a good option.

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