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Liberty's first Off-leash training

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I finally got up the nerve to work with Liberty on recall/heel etc. outside the house--and without a leash. Little bugger did wonderful, until Daddy came outside.


She is such a little demon when Daddy's around!



I also let her do her tire jump a few times without her leash.



Poor little thing was exhausted when we got back inside...

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Bet she had fun though :D



She sure did! Tonight, however, she was more interested in the fact that the neighbor was outside, too. And, then, silly me tried to introduce outside frisbee.....


still she had fun and is now conked out at my feet. :rolleyes:

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I'd be careful of fully trusting your dog off-leash. I still use a light line with Usher. He really has a mind of his own and 99.9% of the time, he heels correctly, I'm such a worry wort that he might dash- he has a wondering eye, you know. Good thing Bailey's such a pudge, I can still catch her- LOL.

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