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What is the best type of brush for fine dust ?

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When I asked the question about bathing your dogs , Olivia mentioned washing more and brushing often because of family members with hayfever.


Both my husband and son have hayfever so I would like to get the best type of brush to get rid of fine dust and pollen in Dali's coat.


What do you suggest ?

If possible with a photo or link because as we all live in different countries it is hard to relate to brand names sometimes .


Dali is still a puppy and he looks like he will be short haired forever ....

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When I had short haired Border Collies, my favorite tool for whisking the loose hair off was a "Zoom Groom." It looks like this:




The little nubby things are rubber and grab the dead hair and dirt and make the coat really shiny. The dogs really enjoy it too.


You can get them in tack shops, too - sometimes with smaller nubs which are even nicer. I use one I found in a tack shop, with longish but fine nubs, for my Spitz mix who has a coat sort of like a Corgi or GSD.


Then I finish with a combo comb or sometimes called a greyhound comb. It looks like this:




If you take some time and really get all the undercoat out, it will not hold in dust and pollen as much. You are out of luck on shedding though - smooth coats shed the worst. All the time, no matter what you feed, or where they live, though the better the food the less they shed, it never becomes an almost strictly seasonal thing like with the rough coats.


Good luck from a family of fellow allergy sufferers!

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Based on Dali's pics, I was thinking he'd be a medium rough like River, not an actual short/smooth coat like Diesel. Either way, the babywipes or damp hand towel will be the best way to get the dust/pollen off.


I'm allergic to the grasses here in the PacNW and we grow hay on our property (it just works out that way :rolleyes:) so the dogs are always running through the tall grasses or rolling in the lawn. Wiping them down when they get in seems to be the best.


It also helps that I have a half shower inside my back door and wash off their legs when they get muddy too - cuts down on the dust in the house cuz when the dirt dries on the dog, it sloughs right off into my house.


I don't think an actual brush will help w/ the pollen, but keeping him well groomed and extra hair off him will cut down on hairs to collect dust/pollen. For my smoothie I like the Furminator. I find my smooth sheds more and gets more undercoat in winter, but he doesn't bring in as much dirt/pollen as my med-rough. For my med-rough, her hair is too fine and long and the Furminator catches and pulls it, so I use a regular dog brush w/ wire 'hairs' instead of plastic ones.


Photo in case you don't know why my dogs coats look like, River (med-rough) is on the chair and Diesel (med-smooth, I'd say as opposed to very shorthaired slick smooth) is laying down on the right.



River's brush (from Petco):



Medium Furminator for Diesel:


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Thanks for the pictures !! I've never seen the furminator thing over here ....


I've seen rubber gloves , and the comb. But the zoom groom is not available here . I like the look of it ...looks like your getting a massage with that :rolleyes:


I will definitly try the wet towel for now. I guess we will see what Dali's coat grows into .... ( I'm hoping he'll be like River, I like his coat !!)


I'll have to go to all possible petshops and look around.

In a few weeks time I'm going to the UK , perhaps I will find something there a well ...

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