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Wick ran in her first flyball tourney this weekend. She kept her wits about her for the most part, and ran cleanly in 14 of 16 races. Towards the end of the day, she was really getting into the racing thing, actually straining against her harness and emitting odd little groaning noises. :rolleyes: Our team came second in a very competitive Division 3 class, losing only by a couple of points, and Wick earned about 300 points. All in all, not a bad little debut!


Special thanks to my teammates on The Kings who have been infinitely patient with Wick and all her quirks. Extra special thanks to Nancy, who believed in Wick and worked tirelessly with us to get her up and running.



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Great job, Wick! Congratulations! Love the photo. :rolleyes:

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Thank you, everyone. Wick thanks you too!


We went to flyball class even before we tried agility ... some 6 years ago. At the time, it was just too much noise and confusion for Wick, and we kind of gave up and focused on agility. Over the last year or two, I've taken her to the odd drop-in class, to see if she had any interest in pursuing it. In a smaller, less hectic setting, the light bulb finally came on. "Oh, OH! There's a ball that you would like me to retrieve?!? And it lives in that box? Well, sure I could get that for you!"


She has a horrible turn (she kind of high-fives the box) and she doesn't run with the same urgency and speed that she shows in agility, but she seems to enjoy it, and she barks less than she does in agility. My teammates are fun, we enjoy hanging together, so I guess Wick has a new sport!


And to think, it only took 6 years ... :rolleyes:

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...I thought flyball made all dogs into crazy barking machines :rolleyes:

Well, it certainly is louder in the barn than at an agility trial. The barking, I don't mind so much. It's the human screeching that makes me want to impale myself on a roman candle.


Wick is not allowed to bark in line. If she barks, she gets corrected (leash check, perhaps hand over muzzle, and/or miss your turn). She figured out pretty quickly that barking got her bad things, staying quiet got her good things. I have accepted that she is going to be loud in agility as I didn't nip it in the bud but rather made all sorts of excuses for her. Oh well. My NEXT agility dog will be perfect. :D

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