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Dean Weaves!

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He was trained on two by two's and with weave wires. He can weave without wires now, but I am working him with the wires right now to focus on entries.




He loooooves to weave and he's fun to watch!


I'm thinking I'd better extend this setup to 12 poles!

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I really liked teaching him with the 2 by 2's. I think he loves weaving so much because of it, and I think he drives through the poles with so much enthusiasm because of it. He developed his footing and the way he snakes his body around the poles when we did the 2 by 2's. And, he really understands what "weave" means.


And 2 by 2's are very fun to do!


For him, using the wires after the 2 by 2's has been a good "finishing touch". It has helped him put the whole picture together, so I would say that I like the two methods in conjunction - 2 by 2's first to teach fluent weaving and drive, followed by wires once the dog really understands weaving and is moving into different entries and duration.

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