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It's really strange , Heidi's two and was spayed at five months but recently male dogs have been going crazy over her like she's in heat . She's constantly being mounted by males at the park . We've had dogs that had to be leashed and literally dragged away from her . I've been asked many times if she's in season .


So what's up with that ? Why are males going nuts over my SPAYED female ?

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I guess I should have been a little more descriptive , it's not all male dogs that go after her . We live with two male dogs that are neutered mind you and neither have displayed any interest in her , nor has my friends uneutered show golden retriever who mounts just about anything . It's just in the past couple weeks we've had several males go after her .


Wouldn't I notice any other symptoms ?


She's a perfectly healthy little dog , nothing has changed other than we've had a influx of males going after her .


I'll book an appointment for the vet to see her .


Thanks .


eta .

Nope , no unspayed female friends .

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I have no idea why they would be doing that. But now I want to know why :rolleyes: I'll be looking forward to see what the vet says.

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Ah yes--been there, done that!


I couldn't figure out what was going on with Liberty. I'd had her spayed three months earlier, so when unaltered Justice started going nuts, I was mad. I thought the vet had missed something (highly unlikely, the man's been doing his job for thirty years!) so off we went.


It was a bladder infection--which also explained why we had a few tinkles before she could get outside. We put her on a ten day course of ampicillin?? and she cleared up. It took almost a week though, before Justice calmed down.


Since then she's had a second bladder infection, which we caught earlier.


Poor little thing has a compromised immune system and is always having something go wrong.


Has your dog had any little 'puddles' recently? If she has, I'd bet anything it was a bladder infection.


Let us know what the vet says!


Love from Liberty and Justice ForAll

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When I showed chows, we always assumed an out-of-season bitch who attrracted dogs had a vaginal infection and treated accordingly. I never noticed any other symptom, although I had a friend who said she thought such girls smelled like dead fish. :rolleyes: I was a heavy smoker at the time, so maybe they did smell bad and I didn't notice. :D

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