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Anyone remember Kathy Brunetto?

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I hadn't heard from Kathy in awhile. When I returned from vacation I had an e-mail waiting for me. As I had mentioned before, she was my mentor and good friend and when I first started in herding she didn't charge me a dime. Just said "Let's work dogs!" She now teaches herding lessons, but has given up trialing except for the Turner, OR. trial because her friend puts it on and said she would "disown" her if she didn't trial. LOL. She has 2 old male BC's and a 2 1/2 year old female. Her and Frank are getting ready to sell the farm as it's too much to keep up at their age. She's going through 30+ years of junk. I don't envy her. So, thought I'd keep you up to date on my mentor and still good friend.


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