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Rescue Annual Fundraising auctions?

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Is anyone involved with a BC rescue group/shelter that has an annual fundraising event like an auction or similar? I'd like to donate some Border Collie artwork, but from past experience, I would prefer to have someone recommend a genuine rescue groups so that the proceeds go where they are meant to. If you can suggest a groups, please let me know the website and contact details of who I need to contact.





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What a thoughtful thing to do!


There are some great rescue org's with members active here....could be the response has been kinda quiet as it is the holiday weekend...


I'm not sure who might be having annual fundraising going on right now, but most of the BC rescues likely need fundraising year-round....


Bless you! :rolleyes:

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I volunteer with the Wyoming Border Collie Rescue. As of right now we don't do any "fundraising" event. But I'm sure if you wanted to donate something we would find a way to auction it off. You can get ahold of Tonya here. contact info Thanks!

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Yes but That'll Do is on a hiatus for the summer (at a minimum), so won't be involved in any fundraising. Thanks for thinking of us though!


What would be great is getting our two remaining dogs adopted out.



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