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Something stinky

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Hi all,

I have only posted a few times but thought I would share this. I'm sure many can relate to this.

Yesterday I was moving electro-net in the pasture and remembered seeing a dead bird there about a week or so ago, but decided to get rid of it after moving fence. My thought was, it had obviously been there for a while and the dogs had left it alone before, so no hurry. Well that stinky little bird must have ripened enough, because Floss decided to do a down and dirty roll in it. I hadn't realized she did this until she came over, happy as can be to flaunt her new perfume. Man did she stink to high heaven, and wow was she proud. Who knew something small could have such a big odor. Had it been sheep poop, I could have tolerated it, but this was more than I could take, so I dropped everything to give little miss piggy a bath. Oh, well at least it was only a bird, could have been worse!


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Lol, I can totally relate.

I was on a walk one time and had taken my camera. We get to this big field and I watch Lootah start rolling, which I thought was really cute and a great photo opertunity . . .


Well after I had taken the pics and he comes back over, tale a waggin, I smell the poop and now have a red and brown BC, needless to say I wasnt taking many more pics of him that day, lol.

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