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Thanks for the welcome, so many emails to answer.

Janet my life is not that interesting but I could not live it without my dogs. I look forward to doing some goose dog posts.

Kelpiegirl, I have been fortunate to be exposed to some great people when we lived in the west. I have two favorite dogs, a father and son. I am training the son now, herding and geese. Dad is fully trained and does trials better than I do. He is also my main goose dog. We are off this season but will be back at it next year. I am making some good contacts.

Eileen, I have found the OBCC and that will be helpful. I have made some contacts and will get out and do some trials next season although my life seems to be shifting to goose control.

Delta, sorry about the spelling. The only name I got right was Scot. I stared training goose dogs in the west and I started with a trials dog. I do not teach the dogs to swim or allow them to swim, I will explain why later. I am consulting now in the east on goose control. Our government could not care less.

Rebecca, it is fun. I do not work with boats, I will explain in another post. I do not send the dogs in the water. I am finding that dogs trained on stock have a very positve effect on eliminating geese from an area permanently. I believe it is because they show a preditor profile. All I ment by world-class was a fully trained trials and stock dog that comes from good stock. I had the privilage or purchasing one and it is the best thing I have even done. He is a joy to work with and I have learned much from him. I am a fish biologist.

I will make some posts re: goose dogs.

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