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Hi Everyone. I have a one year old BC. We bred him from a new line and as it terns out it appears he will be a good working dog. I am working with him now. He is however very tall, very quick and more active in almost every way than our other dogs. I am thinking that I would like to get him into agility as a hobby. I am not an agility trainer and know very little. I have no idea what I would do with him yet but I would like to look into it. We are in SW Ontario. Does anyone know of an agility trainer anywhere SW of Toronto who could at least evaluate him and get us going in the right direction. Thanks.

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SW of Toronto is in the lake - I'm thinking maybe that's a typo? Like I variously explain that I'm SE of Danville, VA, SW of Richmond, VA, or NW of Durham, NC - or NW Person County, depending on my audience and which area they'd be most likely to be familiar with. But I get the directions mixed up all the time. In my current migraine-muddled state I just had to go back and change a couple, in fact, upon review. :rolleyes:

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In your thread about ticks you said you were living NE of Toronto. Is there some reason why you'd prefer a trainer SW of Toronto?

Hi, yes, I spend much of my time working in the region and it appears I will be spending more time in the future. My wifes family is mostly in London so we are there often.

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