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Laura L

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Brock was the first Border Collie that I picked out myself. I spent more than an hour at Paul DeWitt & Peg Haese's. I couldn't decide between 2 of the males. It took more than a week for me to pick a name that suited him.


Brock took to training like the proverbial duck to water. He worked cows, pigs, sheep, chickens...anything that I asked him to. He was willing to do whatever was needed to get the job done & he enjoyed his job.


When it looked like I was going to have to move off the farm, I started looking for homes for my dogs. I wanted to find the best ones possible instead of waiting till the last minute. Thru Carol Campion I met Jill Horton-Lyons in Massachusetts. She & her husband, Jim have a small farm with sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks.


Jill flew out here in November of 2006 and spent a few days getting to know Brock and then took him home. He fit right in there. He worked on the farm, joined in Quaker worship, enjoyed the parties held there, the kids & kids' programs, he visited Jill's parents and was loving and kind to Jill's mom with her dementia.


Last fall when we came out for Bill Fosher's pasture walk we stayed with Jill & Jim and got to see how happy Brock was in his home. (Bill-you can't believe how grateful I am right now that you had that pasture walk.)


Yesterday, someone poisoned Brock and a neighbor's dog. Jill took him to the vet at 4:30 yesterday afternoon and he lost consciousness on the way. This morning he wasn't breathing on his own and Jill made the decision to let him go.


Brock never met a person that he didn't like, never played a game that he didn't enjoy and never worked without putting his heart into it.


Brocko thank you for all that you taught both Jill & I. You made chores easier for both of us and life a little bit better. We're all going to miss you.


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What a lovely tribute to a special dog. It is obvious he was very loved, admired, and needed in his life. I am so sorry, though, that you and Jill both lost him so soon and under such awful circumstances.


Rest in peace, Brock.

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Words escape me right now. I cannot imagine how anyone could do something so evil. Brock looked like a wonderful dog and I can only imagine the pain that you are all going through. My deepest sympathies to all of you.

RIP Brock,

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I have met Brock while out on your farm. He was a sweetie and will be missed by both families. I am so sorry for your loss and for Jill's loss.



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High up in the courts of Heaven today

A little dog-angel waits.

With the other dogs he will not play,

He just sits alone at the Gates.


”For I know my mistress will come”, says he,

”And when she comes, she will call for me.”


And his Mistress far down on the earth below,

As she sits in her easy chair

Forgets sometimes, and she whistles low

For the dog that is not there;


And the little dog-angel cocks his ears

And dreams that his Mistress' call he hears.


And I know when at length his Mistress waits

Outside in the dark and cold

For the hand of Death to open the gates

That lead to the Courts of Gold,


The little dog-angel's eager bark

Will comfort her soul while she's still in the dark.


Norah M. Holland, 1870


Via con Dios, beloved little one...

And may the villain who poisoned you spend eternity in the 7th Circle of Dante's Hell.

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My Shiloh was poisoned too. We are not really sure who did it. She passed on my birthday, this June seventh. She did not make it to her third birthday. Even though she passed young, I think she led a wonderful life here, and that is all I can ask. :rolleyes: But you know what??? I think that the Lord and Shiloh gave me this little puppy named Abby. She was born on June 8. So, she will always remind me of my loving Shiloh. Shiloh is in the first few pictures, and Abby is in the last one.


With my greatest sympathy,






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