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Jack Knox on RFD-TV

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I thought about where to put this, maybe this is a good place: if anyone missed it the other night, THe Horse Show with Rick Lamb has a segment on Jack Knox, an interview of Jack, taped in Colorado, with a bit of him working with people at a clinic. If you've never met Jack, this is a good place to see and hear him on his training philosophy and how he works with people and dogs. It replays Sunday morning Eastern time, 8am.


With that, wouldn't it be cool to have a regular Sheepdog show on RFD-TV? The possibilities are endless. We could watch trials, training tapes, interviews with handlers, see famous dogs work, even coverage of major events like Cattledog Finals and Sheepdog Finals, as well as the BIG trials like Meeker and the Bluegrass. I regularly email them over there when I see some stockdog bit and thank them and ask for more, mentioning sponsor names (see, I watch your program, even the ads) where I can. Sure, I'd love to have a Ritchie watering system!

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Yep, bcnewe2 already posted this yesterday. link to post But thanks for the info :rolleyes:

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