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Nose Prints For Mother's Day.

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Getting the nose prints was not a success, but was extremely amusing. The first dog to try was Elwood, Jackie's Lab. I put peanut butter on his nose and he of course was interested, but unsure. Once he licked it off I printed his nose and it came out ok. So I put that aside as a practice one. Went to do Alex, my BC next. She sat there for several minutes with this dab of peanut butter on her nose. When she finally licked it off I tried the nose print. She tried to eat the paper. I then got a stern look from her. So I tried Ozzy, our youngest Lab. He was very into the peanut butter and got so excited his nose print was a big gob of drool.

So I made a collage of pictures of them playing in the snow.


Maybe I will try paw prints for Christmas. I have 7 months to try and outsmart them.




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That's funny :rolleyes: They're to smart for their own good!!

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