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So, coming out of the supermarket last night I see a couple admiring the BDITW.

They ask;

is he yours - yes

did you get him from rescue - yes

is his name Lars - ahhh yes


Turns out that they were on the brink of adopting him when life changes put a stop to that.

And luckily for me, I was the next to meet him


Could not imagine life now without my boy........



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Phewww! Sounds like Lars was definitely a 'meant to be' dog. What a weird coincidence, though. I bet those people were very glad to see that Lars had landed on his four lucky feet after all.

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Isn't that amazing! It just shows that people don't quickly forget those dogs that they have felt a connection with. The same thing happened to me with my first dog Riley. I was out with her at the park and a guy asked if I had gotten her from the pound, in a certain month, and even remembered which cage she was in. Turned out he ended up getting another dog that had been labelled "bad with children" because he thought it would have a rougher chance being adopted. What a great guy! But boy was I glad I got her before anyone else did. Same thing with Skye-dog. She would have been a kid-magnet as a 7 week old puppy at the same pound.


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Wow how amazing is that? And you have quite a beautiful friend. Continued happiness to you both!!


That pic needs some really great song to go with it...


like "You're My Best Friend" by Queen

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Small world isn't it? I always take Gypsy to the gas station near my house, and I have since she was a puppy. The staff love her there. One time I brought her in, paid for my gas, then was heading out when the woman next in line asked to see her.. So of course I stop to chat. She says what a nice dog, where'd you get her. I tell her the shelter I got her, and she asked how old she was. I told her and she asks when I got her. I tell her. She says "My sister owns her littermate, she wanted your Gypsy but you had her on hold [phew!!!] when she got her dog". And you'll never guess what their dog's name is....... Gypsy. :rolleyes: I know it's not the most original name in the world, but I thought that was quite the coincidence. She then went on to tell me how bad (as in hyper/untrained) the dog is, and how different my Gypsy was from her. I still wonder what it would be like if I had picked one of her sisters/brothers instead... I can't imagine not having my girl!!

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