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Hi I am new here

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Hi everyone, nice forum you have got there, and it has been very useful to me:)


Let me introduce myself, my name is Dagbjört and I live in Iceland.

I have 4 dogs, 3 Chihuahua mixed females and one Border Collie puppy.


I really enjoy living with my dogs, and i am so lucky I am able to take them with me for my work.

I work in a petstore, and I love all animals.

I also breed hamsters and I have 2 parrots.


But since this forum is about the best breed ever, Border collie, let me tell you more about my princess,

called Ugla (meens Owl).


I found her 2 months ago, while I was driving, and I called the local pond and to police station which you have to do if you find a stray dog.

Nobody had called to ask for her, or check if someone had found her, so we just decieded to keep her and try to keep her alive.

This was on saturday, we had to wean her from a bottle and the poor thing did not drink by herself neather did she eat dry food.

The day after we took her to the vet and she weight 2.8 kg, and she felt a little better than the day before.


Today she weights 9.5 kg and have become a strong puppy!:rolleyes:

She is absoulutely adorable, and we decided to keep her since nobody asked for her.

I found out who bred her and found out when she is born (28 of November) and that her father has a pedigree and her grandmother(mother side).

So she is a Border, is she mixed? I don not know, but if, then I do not care, she won´t make me more happy by being!!


I have teached her a lot of things, she is just a puppy of course, but a smart one!

Next monday we are starting in a puppy class, and I am very excited about it!


It has always been my dream getting a working dog which I can play with in agility and I really want to excersice canine freestyle, flyball and ofcourse obedience.


I really want to post a few pictures of her, and my other dogs:)


This is Ugla the day I found her, so tiny!




She how thins she was:o




This one is taken a few days after I found her, beside her is Músik (Music) my Chihuahua.




This is Fluga my Chihuahua/Papillon female (9 months)

Of course in Icelandic whoolsweater made by me;)




Bella my Chihuahua/Pomeranian female (3 years)




This is Ugla, picture taken 2 weeks ao




Her beautiful blue eyes!



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Welcome here, Dagbjört! You're the first Icelander on this board that I know of - it's a great place for a first time BC owner - lots of things to learn and never be shy to ask any questions - plenty of people with vast experience are here to help you. Ugla is absolutly stunning and looks like a couple of Border Collies on this board. Love her markings, her white face and amazing blue eyes. And her smile is priceless :rolleyes: Thanks for saving this poor puppy and giving her a loving home! Looking forward to seeing more pictures of this beauty!

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Wecome to the world of obsessive compulsive dogs. Those pretty blue eyes say one thing, what can I get into next. You are going to find many many differences between the Chihauhaus and your Border. If you haven't done so, go to youtube.com and do a search on Border Collies. You will see the many directions you can take off on training Ugla.

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Hi and welcome from the very opposite end of the world. Your dogs look beautiful, and you should be really proud of what a lovely pup Ugla is turning into. She was very lucky that you found her and looked after her so well. You will really enjoy having a Border Collie as well as your little dogs.


I was lucky enough to spend a week in Iceland in summer many years ago (27, now I think about it :rolleyes: ). I thought it was a fascinating place to visit - lots to do and see, and very friendly people. I can still remember having a lovely swim in a geothermally heated open air pool in Akureyri. I'd love to go back again, if only it wasn't so very far from Australia!

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Oh, yes! I went to Iceland about 8 years ago, and I still think sitting in the Blue Lagoon, surrounded by fields of snow-covered lava, was the best thing ever. I tell my students about it when we do plate tectonics, and advise them to cut through Iceland when flying to Europe. ::Sigh::



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Thanks to all of you!

I have to say I am very proud of Ugla (Did I mention she is a female?)

She make me and my boyfriend smile every single day, by doing something on her own.

Fortunately we have a humor for it when she looks like she has done something wrong, than we search in our apartment and voila!

Toiletpaper everywhere or she has taken all her toys and put it in one place! (Also 1 sock, her foodbowl maybe, a shoe and my underwear).

But she just find herself something to do (while maybe I am watching a tv show for 30 minutes). (blush)

It is always action around Ugla, everybody loves her, she is susch a cutie:)


That is so much fun being the first Icelandic person who participate in your forum.

I am very proud of it!


Laurelin, thank you, Fluga is a very sweet little dog.

She had been on 5 or 6 homes when I got her:(

It is very sad because when I got her she was only 3 months old.

But she has a nice home now I hope, and she and Ugla are best friends, while Músik and Bella are best friends.

So the karma is fine here!


I have found a big difference having my Chihuahua mixes and Ugla.

As a matter of fact I never was going to have more than one Chihuahua, but I did!

The second one I got from my friend, just went to visit her and brought a puppy home.

Than it was Fluga 6 months ago, I went with my friend to take a look at her, and the same night I went to pick her up.

I am very lucky to have such a understanding fioncé:rolleyes:

He vas not surpriced when I brought Ugla than, he just laughed at me:p

Thanks to him, we have these wonderful dogs :D


I am not surpriced that two of you(maybe more) have visit Iceland before.

Iceland is such a beautiful country, and for example where I live (next to the Capital city reykjavik, called Hafnarfjörður) it only takes me 5 minutes to drive and I am beautiful place called hvaleyrarvatn, which has it name by its lake.

I go there every day and let the dogs go loose, never the less I take my friends with me who all have their dogs also with them.


These pics are all taken there..






And one of me:)



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I know everyone else has said it but I can't help it - they ARE gorgeous dogs! Ugla really does have stunning eyes, and I love what her ears are doing - so cute! Plus the sweaters - pretty work!


I've never been to Iceland, but now I want to go. I live in Alaska, so as you might imagine I'm fond of nothern climes. I'm intrigued by the thought of all the geological activity - I have a thing for hot springs. Plus: Icelandic horses!


Welcome to the Boards - and bless your heart for saving poor little Ugla from what might have been a terrible fate, without your intervention. She sounds like she's already repaying your kindness. (As a BTW, I am ALL too familliar with things like toilet paper all over the house or finding all my shoes piled together in the middle of the floor. It doesn't last forever, luckily... if you can just outlast the little maniacs the little darlings, eventually your household goods will remain where you put them. Mostly.) :rolleyes: At any rate, have fun with your new addiction - I mean, ADDITION! - and I wish you many happy years together.

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Thank you so much!

It warms my heart to have all of your regards.


I really want to show you a picture of a dog which my mother owned couple of years ago.

Her name was Bella( I named my dog after her, the Chihuahua/Pomeranian female).

This dog made me fall in love with the breed, also Rómantík (Romantic) a Border Collie/Irish Setter/Lab mix.

This breed has always been in my family, so I am the next generation to have one.

I had studied the breed for many years, it has always been my favorite.

I would have bought a Border Collie someday, I think Ugla and I were just meant to be together and find each other.

I think an angel sent her to me..


But this is Bella Donna, a little bit mixed with Icelandic Sheepdog, I think her grandfather (mothers leg) was a Border Collie /Icelandic sheepdog mix.


She was so stunning, she had the eye, and was a typical Border Collie in mind and action.

Unfurtunately she went under a car, broke her leg and was always afraid of being in the city.

Bella Donna was born 1998, she is gone now, and I miss her so much!


These photos are not great, I took the picture of a picture in a frame.. I do not have a scanner.. I will buy one soon.





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Welcome to the boards!

Yes, I will repeat what everyone already said, beautiful dogs! Ugla is one beautiful girl! And Fluga is really cute with those Pap ears! :rolleyes:

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What a lovely dog Bella Donna was. Such gorgeous colouring and a beautifully expressive face. It sounds like she could have been your "heart" dog. But I'm sure Ugla will give you years of joy, not to mention your other little ones a run for their $$, if she isn't already!

Welcome from one snow-bunny to another (Canadian, that is). It looks like the landscape there is wild and beautiful -- perfect for dogs to run around in and have a ball!


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Sorry to be late in welcoming you! Your girl is beautiful. I loved lceland was stationed in Keflavik for a year back in the 80's. Yours is a beautiful country, I got to see Geyser, Gulfoss, fly over the Glaciers, and forgive me for the spelling but Im spelling it as it sounds Thingvillier? the big gorge near the presidents home. Loved the northern lights, seeing the sun on Mt Hekla and the warm wool coats I brought home for my whole family!

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Welcome! You have some gorgeous dogs! Bella Donna was stunning, but I think Ugla is going to be just as beautiful. She's one lucky little girl that you found her. Oh, and I just want to say that Fluga's sweater is gorgeous. I raise sheep, but I don't knit and am quite impressed by the skill of those who do.



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Welcome, and thank you for helping that sweet little pup! She was very lucky you found her. I love the name, Ugla. And she is a beauty. I'm partial to blue eyes, because my dog has blue eyes, too ... :D But all your dogs are cute, and Bella Donna was gorgeous.


I knit a "nordic" type sweater for my husband, in a nice cornflower blue with white snow stars. At some point I made the mistake of washing it too hot, and now it only fits our daughter. :rolleyes: . But I love the Icelandic wool, even though it's expensive here. I really should get back into knitting ... I met a woman once who knits with dog wool ... but she said, every time the pieces get wet, it really smells like "wet dog", not everybody's favorite. :D


Good luck with your new puppy!



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I do not know how to quote to all of your answers, but thank you everyone!


PatW. It is awesome that you have visited Iceland and you all who have:)

I think Iceland is very normal country though, but the view I think in some places are breathtaking!

And it is spelled Þingvellir;)


I want to post some pictures that were taken last summer..

A really bad pictures!!! It is much more beautiful and the feeling you get when you are near..it is undescribeable.

This is Gullfoss




Not Geysir, but another "geysir":rolleyes:

(do not know the word for it..)




And this is a "tiny" waterfall in Hveragerði.




Some Icelandic sheeps;)




And this picture is taken with me at a memorial at Almannagjá at Þingvellir last summer.



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Oh, those photos bring back memories. I visited some of those places - just amazing. (Oh, and in English - geysir is the same - except we spell it geyser. It was really interesting when I visited to see the one at Geysir, and think that it gave its name to all the others in the English speaking world.) The Icelandic sheep were so interesting too - I have a photo of one which tried to get on to the little tour bus that I was on!

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