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Why do I do this to myself?

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Stupid apartment. Every time I go to work at the shelter there's about oh.... a dozen or so dogs I absolutely would LOVE to have. So many great dogs.


Since its a Texas shelter we have a ton of mediumish herding dog mixes. <3


Today was worse because its completely full and all ready for the adoptathon this weekend.


Today for example I would have taken home this gigantor rottie that was actually bigger than the mastiff x we had a few weeks ago. Well, I dunno about him because he did drool an awful lot.


Then there's Pebbles, the absolute SWEETEST dog in the shelter but is very bland looking so she never gets noticed. I've been working with her for weeks. She's about 50 lbs and medium to short haired and merle with rose ears. I have no idea her breeds but she's listed as a houla x. There's definitely a herding breed in there, probably border collie but there's got to be a lot more in there as well.


Plus today we had a tri little girl Aussie that was so sweet and scared. Across from her was either a collie or border collie mix- smooth coated and about 40 lbs and merle, tan and white. He was HYPER but looked like so much fun. Next to him was what looked like an ACD/border collie to me. Stunning dog with a white heavily ticked face and a saddle back and medium wavy hair. He was too chunky to be a border collie. Then there was this adorable 'mixed breed' puppy that looked an awful lot like a german shepherd puppy with floppy ears. Other than the fact that he was a loudmouth, he was really sweet.


Then on the back row were my favorites.


One was a litter of 5 'collie mixes'. They were so young and fluffballs. Two were merle, tan, and white and looked just like little fluffy collie pups. One other was a cream and white fluff thing and the others were cream and white smooth looking dogs. Judging by the cream pups I'm guessing there had to be some nordic breed in there.


Then there were two four month old border collie sisters. <3333 One was very typical flashy border collie markings- full collar and big blaze but she seemed shy. The other pup was really I have to admit not the most attractive border collie I've seen. She had no blaze and a solid black face except for a small dot of white on her nose. she had really tall stockings on her front legs and had ticking all over them too. But she was so friendly and cute. I was in love.


I want a rescue pup soooo bad right now.


Why do I do this to myself?


I keep telling myself to give it one more year... just one more year...

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Moving out of the apartment won't solve the problem. We live in a suburban house with a big yard, and we have three shelter Border Collie girls (plus a temporary foster puppy) so I can't bring any more home. I see dogs in the every week that I would LOVE to have. I'm particularly fond of some of the Labs and Pit Bulls, the most frequent breeds in our shelter. All I can do is take their picture and put them on Petfinder and hope and pray they get adopted (luckily, most do!)


Just continue to do what you can for all the dogs, especially those you fall for. You will never be able to take all the nice ones home. Thanks for working at the shelter! I've noticed that even our five minutes alone with a dog to take its picture and give pets and cuddles often makes a big difference in their attitudes. Dogs that are unhappy and fearful before we take them out are relaxed and smiling and wagging when we put them back in their kennels. Of course, I have to avoid eye contact with dogs I have already photographed - I can't take the pleading, yearning looks....

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I remember people saying, you've got one, your walking and feeding ANYWAY so what's another one? Well it's double the work!! Lesson #6798. But I always want to get a puppy b/c I've never had one. It wasn't until I helped with a "rescue"-someone posted on my local Freecycle 'puppies'. So I went with a few folks from the local HS and that was the first time I had ever even held a puppy. I melted. I felt ill when I had to get out of the car and part with it. It looked like a bear. 8 weeks old and so so tiny. It was 1/2 chow and beagle x...so sweet.


That feeling was intense. I used to be a dog walker at the HS kennel and it's true they appreciate and absorb the attention. Anything. A brushing, or a message and just a good run...some just like to be still and be pet. I stopped when the 2nd dog was added b/c I had guilt, if was there walking dogs, I should be working on my own dogs. So now I do other stuff, but it's nothing like giving those shelter dogs the real treat of the human bond. It was very gratifying...tough and tears were often shed, but I miss it.


thanks for you guys who help with rescue.

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