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Bailey had a good day

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Bailey has been quite a challenge for me. She was apparently, brought up in a one dog home by her other owners. I have been told by friends and family that I should place Bailey, but I keep persisting with her. She has "taken over" and has made Usher into a shy dog. She has also taught him how to bark. A lot of barking goes on here, where there used to be none.

BUT.....Today Bailey had a good day!!! She didn't bully Usher around and while I went shopping, she usually remains in the car and Usher gets to go into the stores and restaurants. I had to go to Lowe's today and I took Bailey. She was so surprised when I opened the back door and asked for HER to get out and not Usher!!! I usually do this at Petco, etc... where they allow dogs, but it's been awhile. Bailey entered Lowe's like she owned the place walking nicely on her leash with a bounce in her step- you could almost see the smile on her face. I almost could read her thoughts. "Hey, It's me, Bailey and my step-brother is in the car and I AM IN THE STORE!!!" Her tail was wagging as she looked at everyone we walked by. She felt so special. I guess having a service dog as a brother is kind of tough on a gal.

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