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Another Holly breakthrough!

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Today while playing "throw the ball a gazillion times" in the backyard, and Holly chasing down Skip and Jackson, I noticed that when I had the ball in my hand, Holly would watch my every movement. So, being the bright person I am, ahem, I thought, hey what if the other dogs weren't around to distract her? (with all the dogs involved, it looked like she was chasing Jackson) So, I put Jackson and Skip in a down/stay, called Holly, and threw the ball. The little darling raced to get it, and SHE BROUGHT IT BACK TO ME AND DROPPED IT BY ME! I am just tickled about this! She PLAYS! Yay!


I know, not a big deal, but for her, it is front page news! I just marvel at the turn around with her!


Oh, BTW, when DH got home yesterday, Holly slipped out the front door. She ignored me, went around the house, then came back, had a sniff and finally came in the house. Then, she stayed in when I told her to while I had the front door open!

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Congratulations on your success!!! As I have mentioned before, we use a lacrosse stick to throw the ball in the back yard. Annie has learned to fetch the ball, and to drop it in the stick's basket when she returns; this alleviates the need of having to pick up a ball with the hand (sometimes not the most sanitary of actions).

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That is great news Linda, i fealt joy when Zac first did that and didn't just want to follow, stalk or chase my Holly. I can only imagine how much better it feels with a special girl like your Holly. Well done Linda, she is very lucky to be with you. I am really pleased she is doing so well.

Keep us posted. :rolleyes:

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That is great! Way to go Holly!!!! That's better than Black Jack :rolleyes: We have to play with two toys for a good "drop" command. *cough*working on that*cough*


Keep up the good work with her. Give Jackson and Skip a good scratch for their good behavior too :D

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Linda, sounds like Holly is coming on in leaps and bounds - that must bring joy to your heart - well done, indeed.


:rolleyes: AJ - yes Miss Holly will need to come and give lessons on retrieving a tennis ball to my two as well. :D



Bustopher - had to laugh at this -

this alleviates the need of having to pick up a ball with the hand (sometimes not the most sanitary of actions).

My old KelpieXBorder Collie, Jess, used to love to play backyard cricket with friend's kids for hours on end - but - she didn't like it when we switched tennis balls - only wanted to play with the one she had - so we would have to change the balls over behind our backs - she was a crafty old thing, but she fell for that one every time :D .

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