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Bo raised his paw for raw!


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since Bo raised his paw for raw I threw the kibble away and get a bunch of rmb, meat, organs and fruits/veggies, too! It's raw-day no. 5 and he's going very well.


That's what I have 'till now:


Rmb: Lamb rips and backbone, calf knuckle bones and breast bones, lamb legs (with coat and hoofs!)


Meat: Beef flesh


Organs: Green tripe, liver, kidney, heart, larynx


Fish: Salmon


Fruits and veggies: Mostly a bunch of berries (Bo LOVES berries!), such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, rasberrys, currants. But also bananas, apples, pinnapples, carrot and gherkin.


He also gets some of my leftovers.


I feed the rmb, meat and organs in large pieces. It seems to be a real pleasure to Bo to tear and drag and chewing, chewing, chewing!


Any suggestions what I can (or should) add? I could get so much more rmb, flesh and organs. Almost everything. I only can't feed him pork 'cause in here in Germany we have the risk for pseudorabies.


Yummy, yummy!



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Cool picture!


I started Lewie on raw about 3 weeks ago and he loves it. Our main staple is chicken. Love the sound of him cruching up his meal.


I'm slowly introducing more variety into his diet: organ meat, salmon, veggies, although he's not keen on broccoli. :D


I think it was the right decision for him. Now I just use the kibble as treats. I wonder how long that new 40# bag will last? :rolleyes:

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Hi ... I switched to RAW feeding 6 years ago. My dogs thrive on it. I've paid for complete bloodwork and they came back better than perfect. Energy levels are excellent and we've had absolutely no problems ( ears, eyes, joints, or anything ) in the 6 years. My dogs have been on a Prey Diet ( big pieces of meat and bone ) for 3 years now. Just make sure you give them organs ( about 5% of total food ) ... which to me is only 2 or 3 times per week.


Dave Strickland


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Hey, Bo is still fine on his new diet! Digestion problems are completly gone! I follow pretty much tom lonsdale's recommendation of 70% raw meaty bones and the rest 30% flesh, organs and fruits/veggies. By the way - do I really have to make a mush of the fruits/veggies? Because Bo don't really likes it as mush.

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