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Gripping while driving

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Hey there, I could really use some advice on my 2 young BC's!

My 3 and 2 year old have been with the cattle since they were little pups and I have been training them with more structure just in the last year or so. Here's my problemo:

They both do pretty well for beginners on everything else, except for driving! This drives me bananas wondering what I should do because it is so important with the cattle and our daily chores. I will walk them up behind the already moving cattle and they can hardly contain themselves from biting heels. Gripping is great with some cattle, don't get me wrong but they will do it until the poor cow falls over (Dairy cow). We can't have that with milk cows. I started them on a long line and would give a quick jerk on the line to divert their attention and it seemed to work well, but every time I take them back off the line they revert to the behavior again after a short time. Now my youngest dog won't go forward without reassurance, and when I try to boost her confidence she goes straight for the heels again, as if I ok'ed it by encouraging her to go ahead.

Any ideas? Appreciate it so much!

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Quick question...DO your dogs have solid lie downs? If not then your first order of buseinss will be to get a solid lie down (or stand) on your dogs. Then you can work the following exercise using one dog at a time ( do not work both together until they are broke): let the cows "drift" ahead of you and then tell the dog to walk in. Just as the dog starts to get antsy, lie him down (or stand). Let the cows drift again, walk in, and just when the dog gets antsy, lie down again. Let the cows drift, ask for the walk in and as the dog gets antsy. give an 'ahhh, none of that" in a stern tone or other similar reprimand to slow the dog up. If you don't get a reaction from the dog, then stop the motion with your lie down or stand. This exercise should help teach pace and control. Good luck!



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