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Great Horse Back ride

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So the trails behind my house have finally melted and I can go trail ride on my property so that I can bring the dogs or dog with me.


I decided to take Bula with me. Just her, so we could have some more bonding time without the 3 other dogs.


She was awesome. She listened, she only tried to bite Charlies's legs a couple of times ( my horse) when he slowed down (he doesn't care)


We even met a hunter at the end of the ride, he had a lab with him, and she listened to me - being up on the horse, and stayed next to me and didn't go visit the dog.


Just wanted to share!

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Way to go lucky Bula. That sounds like a really neat thing to do. I used to take my previous dogs a walk with a friend and her dog and her horse - very nice. We went one evening when it was snowing (rare here) but alternating moonlight - really special.

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My last dog could go with us on rides, and all of my friends have there dogs go with them to. They all just seem to have the knack for really goot of leash dogs.


It had seemed that Bulas recall was going a bit south but I believe its only when her and Kramer are together and feed off of each others energy. Having them seperate they are great listeners.


I was just really impressed about her listening with the mans strange dog around not on leash. My other dogs would have been all over him!


I don't take her on the road though only on our property!

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