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A Border Collie's Dream Come True

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This video was posted a while ago! I think it's sort of cute. At first I was a little sad in thinking that it was a way for the owner to be replaced, but the information on the video says he made it himself and sits right by it and watches his dog play. Also, it must've taken some deal of training to get the little guy to load it!

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We actually bought the GoDogGo for our dogs but the tick-tick-tick-tick-pop noise was too much for them and they wanted nothing to do with it!


We donated it to the local humane society for their annual auction.


Plus our two brothers only want to play with ONE ball, and it must be THE ball they picked up for the play session - so multiple balls hold no joy for them, only confusion - LOL!



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Oh I think this is a great idea and looks like loads of fun. Truth is, I dont have a desire to throw the ball litterally ALL DAY LONG. Koda will be dog tired from a long day of activity including disc practice, long walk, running all day with Zak and wrestling, training time, lots of play time in general with me, chase time for training, balls throws for an hour, trip to the pet store and whatever else - you name it. He rests for 10-15 minutes and then plops a ball in my lap....and Im TIRED. Get one of these and both of us would be happy...and I wouldnt have a slobbery wet spot in my lap for the rest of the evening. :rolleyes:

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I'd love to have something like that for outdoors when it's too cold for me to go outside.


I am not one of those rugged souls who goes outside with my dogs in the wintertime. We play indoor games when I don't want to be out there and they just have to live with it.


I've often wished there were some kind of machine that Dean could load balls into like that for outdoor play in the winter!!


He wouldn't be abandoned in that case because I don't go out to play with the dogs anyway!!

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