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Lynn Leach's Website


I am thinking about auditing a Lynn Leach clinic in a few weeks. Has anyone ever met her, trialed with her, taken lessons with her, or went to one of her clinics? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If you're more comfortable via PM, that's fine too.


Armchair experts, please sit this one out.



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I've never heard of her...but she's apparently and CKC/AKC "All Breed" trainer. I was always under the impression you were opposd to AKC and that your goals were higher than this. What do you think you would get out of a clinic like this?


You are practically neighbors with 2 incredibly talented trainers and clinicians and super nice guys....my advise would be to spend your money and time with them.


Unless I fall under the catagory of "armchair expert"....then go ahead and do what you want.

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Jody, Lynn breed my dog Blue, and is the reason i went from ACD to Border Collies. She does do a lot of non ISDS type clinics, but she knows dogs, and field work. She has also been is sheep for many years. Lynn is one of my very first mentors. She takes the time to get to know the person and the dog, she does not have a one size fist all style. Lynn is also ego free enough to recommend somebody else if she think she is not helping you.


When Lynn got started in the dogs there was not much help in that part of BC. She brought trainers in from all over the US and Canada, including Hub Holmes, Gayle Cochlan, and Lee Lumb.Lynn Leach is a good hand, and she had been responsibly for many handlers achieving their goals on the farm and trial field.


Lana Rowley

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I would add that Jody does live near 2 well respected handler/ trainers. It would be tough to go wrong going to either one. I have gone to many clinics, and taken many lessons. I plan to keep going. I have learned skills from some top handlers, but i have also had many an ahh haa moment with several hands that most have not heard of. There are no real secrets, so for me the key is finding somebody who teaches in a way i can learn.



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Yes, I understand that she's an all breed trainer. I read her website also.


I am opposed to the AKC. So what do you suggest I do? Never ever attend a clinic put on by someone who supports the AKC? Or never attend a clinic where the clinician works with other breeds also? What about trials? Should I never attend a trial at a location that also puts on AKC trials? Or should I never take lessons from anyone that also gives lessons to people with other breeds? Just curious as to where I should draw the line ...


I thought ... that your goals were higher than this.


"Higher" than what?


What do you think you would get out of a clinic like this?


The reason I was asking about her in the first place is ... I am part of an all-breed herding group here in Boise ... and am always on the lookout for trainers/clinicians, etc. to send people to who are interested in pursuing working their dogs. There is a group in Baker City, Oregon that have Lynn down quite often. Her clinics seem to fill as quickly as they are announced, but I didn't know anyone that has ever worked with her. I do not like referring people to someone I have never personally worked with, so I wanted to find out if this was something even worth pursuing and what people who have actually worked with her thought of her before I spend the money to drive out there. That's all.



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Thanks for your personal insight, Lana. I have been talking to several people around here, and they are more interested in the practical farm type work that the AHBA ranch trials offer -- sorting, pen work, chutes, large groups of sheep, tight spaces, etc. I am not a trainer, so I am always looking for clinics and things to send people to, and from what I am hearing, Lynn seems to have a very good reputation. I work with Helsley and Shannahan as often as I can, but I also learn a lot of things from many others as well. In fact, I trialed this weekend and learned a ton watching people who trial in all different venues.



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This actually brings up an interesting topic. Please let me know if you prefer not to piggyback your post, Jodi.


Where do you all draw the line? That line's getting awfully fuzzy now, and it doesn't look like any organization is rushing to sharpen the definition any time soon (ie, ABCA isn't looking to stop dual reg, AKC will hold books open forever, USBCHA doesn't care - rightly so as far as I'm concerned) - and the pot's getting richer for those who cross the line or dabble at the edges. Weekend herders bring in a ton of money.


Truth in advertising. I've put on a clinic for a guy who did AKC. Yup. But, he was dead set against conformation, though he didn't refuse to work with dogs who were bred, raised, and finished as conformation dogs. It was an Aussie clinic, so the AKC connection was difficult to avoid. I learned a lot from that clinic - the man was very talented, jived extremely well with many other Open level clinicians/handlers I've been to or been influenced by (Patrick Shannahan, Jack Knox, Scot Glen, Lyle Lad, Tommy Wilson).


I also learned where the future of the Border Collie might lie in ten or fifteen more years of conformation influence. This man has run Aussies in USBCHA Open trials but freely admitted that what it takes him four years to put on an Aussie, he can do in four months with a Border Collie, because they still have much of the "package" still inbred.


A few months later I put on an AHBA trial and training clinic with one of the judges. Again, it was sponsored by a Bouvier club so the conformation and kennel club connection was impossible to avoid (they were FCI affiliated). I learned a lot from that, too. Much of what I learn at these comes from watching the different dogs with different handlers.


So, though I won't seek out learning experiences with AKC affiliated handlers, if I'm put in a situation where people are working dogs who are working at a level above me (which is, well, most anybody), I'll be watching for opportunities to learn.

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Jody, Lynn breed my dog Blue, and is the reason i went from ACD to Border Collies.


Hi Jody,

Lynn is also the reason I went from ACDs to Border Collies. She is one of the best all-breed clinicians around and would never describe herself as an ISDS clinician. Her first breed are ACDs but she actually has more Border Collies. She competed in Pro/Nov and Nursery at the Sterling Acres 'Blizzard' trial this past weekend.

Lynn was my first mentor and she is incredibly supportive and encouraging to newcomers. When I retired my ACD due to a chronic lameness, I decided to get a Kelpie or a BC. After much discussion and advice from Lynn I got the BC. When he was ready to start, Lynn refused to give me lessons with him instead referring me to the BC breeder I got him from. She argued that her expertise was in arena type competition and I was interested in field trials. So if you really want to know whether or not you might learn something from this clinic, phone or email Lynn and tell her what your goals are. She will tell you if she thinks you might gain something.

Lynn was the first to put an 'Advanced' CKC title on an ACD in Canada. She then took him to numerous BC clinics and trialed him in BCSDA field trials. She realized the breed's limitations and got her first BC - a rescue. Then realized her limitations and got a well bred working bitch(Lana's Blue's mother). However her first love is still the ACD, so she competes/trains/teaches in their venue.

I don't compete in CKC/AKC but I do go in the odd arena trial because they are fun. I would compete in the odd ASCA or AHBA trial but they are always on the same weekend as an Open Field trial. :-)

cheers Lani

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