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Bandit was 11 years old, bred by a friend of mine who breeds excellent BC's and Kelpies for working. Bandit was born with a very overshot jaw and it was decided that he would be killed as a pup, but one of my best friends (who was 11 years old herself at the time) saved him. She held onto him and wouldn't let go when they tried to take Bandit away from his littermates to be shot. She spent hours, days teaching him to eat properly and managed to find him a non-working home with a lady that adored him.


Bandit lived the past 11 years with this lady and was one of the best cared for BCs around. Bandit was a regular at the vet clinic where I work, he was a beautiful dog and has not had any health problems until some joint problems recently. My friend who saved him 11 years ago as a pup also works with me, she's kept in touch with Bandit all these years. Last friday Bandit got out of his yard - there were fireworks close by that day so we think that was probably the reason he escaped.


This is Bandit's story, as told by the local paper:




I am so, so angry. I can't even write what I think of my town's only animal shelter, run by the biggest animal welfare league in my country. They have let me down in so many ways. This is also a lesson to everybody to microchip their dogs, and the this is one more reason why this state should make it compulsory.


So RIP Bandit, we will never forget you.

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GEEEZZZZ, this story kept popping into my mind all day. What I don't understand is the "4 days or die" policy for older dogs. Obviously Bandit must have looked like a well fed and cared for pet, and not some poor stray ragamuffin.


Then I got to thinking about the technician that ended Bandit's life. That particular job must be extremely stressful for all but the most stoic of individuals. I wonder what is now going through that person's mind after learning a STUPID mix-up ended the life of a loved family pet. Egads!

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Guest jackieandryan

Very sad story but it was completely avoidable.


If my dog got out of the yard today, I would be at every animal shelter nearby 3 times a day. I wouldn't trust AC officers enough to give them a description over the phone. Unless there are Animal Shelters I am unaware of that don't allow you to view dogs.


"Mrs Lye said she called the RSPCA last Saturday after noticing Bandit was missing the day before."


"She tried again on Thursday only to be told no dog fitting Bandit's description was at the shelter."


She waited 5 days to contact them again? Maybe the story is incorrect, but if it isn't, that is inexcusable IMO.


Like I said, it is a very sad situation and I would hate to have to explain it to the kids, but it doesn't seem like she did everything in her power to track him down.

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