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Looking for leather lanyards

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They have the kangaroo leather lanyards at border collies in action. 1-800-833-0332. They run 15.99 for natural, latigo, brown & black. The fancy ones, one kangaroo and one horsehair are hand braided and 22.95


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The most beautiful lanyards I've seen online are here (your question prompted me to do a Google search to re-find this website, which I had forgotten about):




I've never seen one in person though.

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Do a search on here on "lanyard" - I recently posted a link to a lady in CA who has some nice stuff for not too much. I am getting something from her for my mother's day present (yes, I buy my own, don't ask).

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I've looked around but can't seem to find a source for leather lanyards. Any suggestions?





I got a thin kangaroo braided leash ( for going to the post) and a lanyard from this person.



Steve Guitron at www.customrawhide.com. I have bought rawhide bosals and hangers ( horse tack) in the past and he is well known on the West Coast for his braiding. They made the length I asked for so will accomodate the customer. It was the same price I paid from others for the lanyards.



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lol, I have to know out of curiosity.. what are the lanyards used for? My BC doesn't do herding or agility, so I don't think I would know. lol

It goes around your neck, like a necklace and holds your whistle to give directions to your dog. A shepherd's whistle is quite different than a "coaches" one. It is more flat. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. Plastic, buffalo, steel. It is a difficult tool to master. Buy a plastic one on the web and give it a go. It might take you a week to get a "toot" out of it, then play a few tunes. I'd start out with "Happy Birthday" . Once you have mastered this technique, invite a few friends over- it's quite the "entertainment" for the night for anyone that has border collies!!!

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