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So we have been doing rally now for about 5 weeks and everytime that I have class my DH has had something going on and has not been able to join us. Well this past Saturday he came with us and took some pictures.


OMG I am sooo excited.


The instructor can tell you that the dog is doing great and the others in the class but until you actually see it you have no idea.


Every single picture... Blaze is staring up at me waiting for direction.


I started crying when I saw the pictures. I couldn't help it.


It is such a beautiful thing.


The bond is formed and I couldn't have asked for more. I can't wait until we can start competing.

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Well, you know we expect pictures!!! Usher loves rally more than formal obedience. He never knows what is coming next and neither do I :rolleyes: He pays closer attention to me than regular obedience and he seems to enjoy it more. When we go to a class, he starts getting excited when he realizes we are close.

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Oh I will, I just haven't had a chance to download them yet.


Edit- Got a phone call, disruption.


I know that excitement. Isn't it wonderful. It's such a good feeling.


Now if I could only find an agility teacher that is close... and that I like. :rolleyes:

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