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How old is your Border Collie? (any breed acceptable)

The age of your dog  

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  1. 1. How old is your dog?

    • Younger than one year
    • one years old
    • two years old
    • three years old
    • four years old
    • five years old
    • six years old
    • seven years old
    • eight years old
    • nine years old
    • ten years and older

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Cain-GSD 8 1/2 yrs

Lexy- BC 8 1/2 yrs

Chris-BC 3 yrs

Miss Stella- BC 1 1/2 yrs

Roy-BC 1 yr

Andy-Std. Poodle 1 1/2 yrs

Bruin- Great Pyr 6 months

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Fergie is 12. Lots of white around her muzzle; trudges when she wants to. But, let her spot a squirrel or heron! Or one of her doggie friends.

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Kate: nearly 13 (in 5 days!)

Johnson: somewhere between 10 and 12 (his owners weren't sure when they surrendered him to the shelter a couple of years ago :rolleyes:)

Spirit: 3 or 4 (best guess)

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BC, Diesel 2.4 yrs

BC, River 2.7 yrs

GSD/Chow, Jaida 7.4 yrs


Of note, I got River at 8wks old but I got Diesel at 15mos old, so no, I did not raise 2 BC pups at the same time, and River was COMPLETELY trained when I got Diesel. :rolleyes:

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Black Jack, BC, 3 years old

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Another poll that doesn't work for those of us with more than one dog. Probably your result of around two years old is because most people who have only one or two Border Collies are the ones whose dogs are still young. My oldest dog is fourteen and my youngest is 8 months. That will probably be true of most serious dog people.

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Thanks, Becca--you said what I was just about to. And, frankly, what does it matter how old anybody's dogs are on these boards, unless it's to discuss a particular issue relative to some specific age? :rolleyes:


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