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Poll for fun. What color is your BC?

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Boy = black & white (minimal white)

Farleigh = red & white

Jill = red & white

Twist = black & white; obvious white factoring and medium ticking

Kat = red tri

Pip = white with black mask and ticking

Lark = black tri

Phoebe = black & white, white factored, very heavy ticking

Willow = black tri


The list above matches the order the dogs appear in my sig line, top row from left to right and then bottom row from left to right.



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Lexy: Blk/wht tri at least thats what it says on her papers, hard to tell she's a tri though.

Chris: Blk/wht tri. Another that its hard to tell, but easier to tell on her than on Lex. ( my avatar dog)

Roy: Blk/wht classic marked

Miss Stella: Blk/white. Very little white


I use to love the very classic marked Border Collie, but have started to change my mind and am starting to lean towards a much darker overall dog. We'll see if that holds true when I pick out my new pup in a couple of months! :rolleyes:

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Oh, othger dogs too?


Cain: Red and black GSD

Andy: Apricot Std Poodle ( really he's a Border Collie in a poodle suit, thats what happens when ya give the pack a pup to raise!)

Bruin: snow white Great Pyr

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Noah, sable & white collie

Lightning, tri & white BC/lab (his tri patches are brindle, not brown)

Rain, black & white BC

Storm, black & white BC

Flurry, red & white BC

Flash, black head with white strip, body white with black patches and very heavily ticked everywhere. Rescued BC/ACD?

Thunder, off black (brown/black) base coat with very dark merle patterning. As a pup his merle was a lighter gray and more noticeable, now from the distance he just looks black Rescued ??? mix.

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Gunner - Black Tri

Vandal - Balck Tri

Aries - Black Tri

Twiz - Brown and Black brindle w/white accents on chest and snout

Lucky - White w/brown/black mask and brown spot on butt...


Our recently departed Sassy Girl - Black Tri

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Nikolai (GSD) - black and tan with a touch of brindle

Sasha (BCx) - black and white

Sassy (LabxSetter)- jet black

Zoe (BC) - black and white

Trey foster (lab) - blonde

Oreo pseudofoster (BC) - tri, but only brown is on his legs


Danielle, who feels better seeing everyone else's long lists.

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Danielle, who feels better seeing everyone else's long lists.


LOL! I can sure relate to that! I feel the same way! Most folks look at me like Ive lost my mind when they ask how many dogs do I have. I say the more the merrier!

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Mabel: BC-black and white, with VERY cute brown eyebrows and some brown tufting on her rear leg feathers! She's the one in my avatar doing the "border stance thing" as we call it here!

Arwen: Husky/Shepherd: black and white

Raelin: Cat- black and white


Our late Midnight (Australian Kelpie/Chow) was all black (duh, how about that name??)

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