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The comfort of a dog's love

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Oh my. My marriage is going through a very rough patch. Last night I lay down on the floor, curled up in the foetal position by Meg's bed and put my head on her warm, furry side as I wept tears of despair. She nuzzled me, and ever so gently, licked my tears away before resting her paw on my cheek.


My heart is breaking and she knows it. If only he did. At the moment my Meg is the most precious thing on the planet. A dog's love is so very precious.

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((hugs)) There's nothing quite like knowing you have a non-judgemental creature that is always there for you in tough times. It's no wonder dogs are so good for us to be around.

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The world had all gone wrong that day

And tired and in despair,

Discouraged with the ways of life,

I sank into my chair.


A soft caress fell on my cheek,

My hands were thrust apart.

And two big sympathizing eyes

Gazed down into my heart.


I had a friend; what cared I now

For fifty worlds? I knew

One heart was anxious when I grieved—

My dog's heart, loyal, true.


"God bless him," breathed I soft and low,

And hugged him close and tight.

One lingering lick upon my ear

And we were happy—quite.




Sidebar: Obviously, Bozo (your husband) does not deserve you.

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You are so right. Spent the last whole week in bed with the flu. My Alfie was there day and night even though it was quite hot and I obviously was cold. What great dogs (we have Aussies but you could substitute any breed practically). Good luck with the marriage; so sorry to hear you two are having problems. Never fun to deal with but somehow it all works out for the best. JMO

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When we lsot our dear Sage I held Black Jack and cried into his fluffy furr. Then he licked them off and looked at me like "it's ok, things will get better" Then he tilted his ears off to the side and growled at me. (funny growl, not growling growl :rolleyes: ) These guys can be so close to us, and know when we are having a tough time.


Stay strong. Things always get better.

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