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Charlie and behavior training

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Charlie has settled in really well with her new parents. They have started behavior training and the instructer said she is really smart and is probably mixed with another smart breed. I have written about her "demand attention barking" and she has caught on quickly that if you totally ignore her when she barks she gets nothing. Her new parents were told that dogs that have not had a lot of attention then start getting a lot start demanding more because they are afraid the attention might stop. Charlie did so well her first day of training they moved her to a more advanced class. We always new she had potential but my daughter in vet school did not have the time. We are thrilled that she now has the parents to bring out the best in this dog. Does anyone have an idea on what she might be mixed with? One trainer thought Kelpie.






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Charlie looks a bit like Sophie (al least when she's wet) and our best guess for Sophie is border collie x australian shepherd, based on her looks, behavior, and style while working sheep. Of course, we're just guessing, too...

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Charlie is a good looking dog first of all. However, he looks REALLY similar to my girl Jackie (now passed on) and she was a BC / Chow mix. Its the hocks and tail that get me most in that pic. Hard to say really but thats what I see especially considering how close he looks to how she did. She was a very bright girl and a wonderfully loving pup. She didnt have any spots on the tongue either but we know for certain who her parents were, so that wasnt an indicator.

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